20 Questions with Frank Fiore

1. So, what’s your book all about?

My current work is the Chronicles of Jeremy Nash. Jeremy Nash is a noted debunker and skeptic of conspiracy theories, urban legends and myths and is drawn into pursuing them.  Each Nash chronicle in the series is a thriller that sends Nash on an investigation of these myths and legends. Though he doesn’t believe in any of them, he is forced into pursuing them by threats to the lives of his family members or himself or threats to his reputation. The Chronicles is three book series that is available on the Nook, Kindle and Apple platforms. I am currently running a promotion for the books. Two of them are selling for only .99 cents and SEED, the second book is being offered as a serial of 15 parts that can be downloaded from Smashwords for free.

2. What inspired you to write this tale?

I’m a skeptic. Like Nash.

3. Do you have a favorite quote about creativity/inspiration etc…? What is it?

Never give up. A fellow writer, Paul McCarthy, told me to write as many books as possible. Get those books out into the marketplace. If they are good, when one hits, readers will go back and read all your others. Keep producing. Never stop.

4. What things do you keep in your “writing space”? Do they inspire you? Confound you? Hold wires in place?

Sticky notes. Lots and lots of sticky notes.

5. What is your perfect “writing space”?

A nice bar at a local resort or fancy restaurant.

6. If your car horn could play any song, which would it be? Can’t say Dixie.

Lying Eyes by the Eagles.

7. What would you name the first permanent settlement on mars?

Ray Bradburyville.  (For Martian Chronicles)

8. How tall is the perfect sidekick? Please explain why it even matters.

I don’t see it matter.

9. If you were to mess with the time stream, what would you change? Let’s assume a hundred other people already took care of Hitler so you don’t have to say, “Kill Hitler.”

Funny you should ask that. My next thriller deals with what would happen if Japan won WWII?

10. Let’s say your character has a pet brown bear. What’s the bear’s name?

Let’s see. Let me look at my teddy bear collection. My favorite bear is Thorndike.

11. If you had to give an antagonist an annoying trait, what would it be?

Picking his nose.

12. What kind of car would your ultimate protagonist drive?

A six wheel Hummer. Like the one in my novel SEED.

13. You’ve got a year to travel anywhere. Where?

Gee. I’ve been to every continent save South America so that would be next.

14. You just bought a boat with your book fortune. What are you going to call it?

The ‘LYNNE’ after my wife.

15. What kind of music, if any, gets you typing the fastest?

Top Gun.

16. What’s the punch line to your favorite joke?

Clean? OK. “So she’d love you Adam”. Good joke in mixed company.

17. What lyric do you sing poorly, yet loudly?

Frank Sinatra songs – I gotta be me.

18. You find a portal to another world in your sink’s drain. What is this other world called? And what is the best way to clean the portal so it doesn’t smell like old food?

The planet of willing stewardesses. I wouldn’t clean it. Just leer into it.

19. Where can people learn more about you, your work or any pets you have?

Go to my author site at www.frankfiore.com and my blog at http://frankfiore.wordpress.com/

20. What’s next?

I’ve just finished a novel called Murran. Murran is the story of a young African-American boy named Trey coming of age in the 1980s, and his rite of passage to adulthood. Trey is a member of a ‘crew’ in Brooklyn and is enticed into helping a violent street gang. He is eventually framed for murder and flees with his high school teacher to the teacher’s Maasai village in Kenya. Trey goes through the Maasai warrior’s rite of passage, becomes a young shaman, and returns to America to confront and defeat the gang leader that framed him.

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