20 Questions with Nicole J. Persun

1. So, what’s your book all about?

My book combines adventure, romance, and intrigue in a young adult fantasy. Here’s more from the back cover:

Max, a young woman who has just escaped a life of slavery, has found herself at the heart of a heated rebellion and a complicated legend. As the kingdom of Alice seeks power among the realm, a flawed goddess is thrown from the heavens and forced to reside inside Max’s body. The king of Alice, well aware of the rewards the goddess will grant upon whichever kingdom releases her from her human cage, sends spies out to capture Max and release the goddess in the most ruthless way: through death.

Max soon begins a relentless quest to find another way to release the goddess, all the while running from the rogue kingdom’s pursuit. With the help of a wayward prince, his twin brother, and a woman of fire, Max must stay hidden long enough to finally gain her freedom.

A captivating tale of love, freedom, and choices, Nicole J. Persun’s debut novel proves to be an excellent glimpse into a successful writing career.

2. What inspired you to write this tale?

A Kingdom’s Possession started from a map. I created the fantastical land where it takes place in the back of the car on a long drive. Once the setting was established, the characters started showing up, I gained ideas for a pot, and the book was born.

3. Do you have a favorite quote about creativity/inspiration etc…? What is it?

Gosh, there are so many to choose from! I guess at this moment, the first one that comes to mind is this: “Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.” – E.L. Doctorow

I love this quote because it describes my process exactly. There’s always a path to follow, always a destination, but you take the journey one mile at a time.

4. What things do you keep in your “writing space”? Do they inspire you? Confound you? Hold wires in place?

I used to light candles while I wrote, but nowadays the only ritual-like items I keep around while I’m writing are my novel boards. They’re basically just big corkboards where I tack up 3×5 cards with notes, ideas, drawings, maps, and things to keep in mind as I’m working on a book. I like the visual esthetic and they make me feel grounded and organized as I’m writing. They’re always close by for when I need to pause from my prose and write a note.

5. What is your perfect “writing space”?

Ideally, I like my writing space quiet, uncluttered, and fairly-dark (I write best in early morning, when it still feels as though the world is quiet and I’m not missing any daylight). I write on my Mac, next to a novel board, and usually have my cat sleeping nearby (he prefers my bed).

6. If your car horn could play any song, which would it be? Can’t say Dixie.

Honestly, I have no idea! I think, if I could, I’d have it play a song to fit my mood at the time. For example, if I’m in a hurry and stuck in traffic, it would play some heavy rock, where if I’m beeping to a friend on the sidewalk, it would play something more cheerful.

7. What would you name the first permanent settlement on mars?

Something awesome and clever. Let me get back to you on that…

8. How tall is the perfect sidekick? Please explain why it even matters.

Preferably, a sidekick that is shorter than the hero. The hero is the front man! He can’t be upstaged by the sidekick. Think Batman and Robin. The only way a sidekick is ever bigger than the hero is if he looks or acts obscure.

9. If you were to mess with the time stream, what would you change? Let’s assume a hundred other people already took care of Hitler so you don’t have to say, “Kill Hitler.”

Why on Earth would I EVER want to mess with the time stream? It’s obviously a very delicate system. If I were to screw that up, who knows what the future would hold? I’m not taking any chances.

10. Let’s say your character has a pet brown bear. What’s the bear’s name?

I consulted the Baby Names book on my desk. I like Armel.

11. If you had to give an antagonist an annoying trait, what would it be?

Hmmm…I’d probably have to say, the annoying trait would be good luck. What’s more annoying than an antagonist who has fantastic luck all the time?

12. What kind of car would your ultimate protagonist drive?

A Porsche.

13. You’ve got a year to travel anywhere. Where?

I’ve always wanted to take a trip along the northern countries of the Mediterranean. I’d start in Spain, then visit France, then Italy, then Greece. I’d KILL for the time and money to make that trip!

14. You just bought a boat with your book fortune. What are you going to call it?

I’m feeling at a loss for boat names today (weird, since I’m usually a boat-name pro!), so I went to my boyfriend for some help. He came up with “Prose of the Sea” and “OceanWriter,” which would both work well for me. Either those, or I’d go with the title of the book that got me the fortune.

On second thought, maybe I’d use the book title for the name of my private jet…

15. What kind of music, if any, gets you typing the fastest?

I type the fastest and get in the best Zone when it’s quiet. I can’t focus with music on.

16. What’s the punch line to your favorite joke?

Unique up on it!

17. What lyric do you sing poorly, yet loudly?

Anything by Adele.

18. You find a portal to another world in your sink’s drain. What is this other world called? And what is the best way to clean the portal so it doesn’t smell like old food?

Well I’d say Narnia, but I think that’s taken. Anyway, I hear Draino works pretty well.

19. Where can people learn more about you, your work or any pets you have?

My Website www.nicolejpersun.com or blog: www.nicolejpersun.wordpress.com. Or email me!

20. What’s next?

Book wise, I’m currently editing my third book, a dark adult fantasy about a schizophrenic king who goes to war with himself. I’ll be starting the sequel soon.

In general, I’m just about to grill some steak for dinner…


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