A Writer’s Space: Rose

Author Andrea Wulf writes under the name of Rose Wulf and she has been kind enough to share her writer’s space with us. Here’s Andrea:

Usual Appearance

My current writing space is, quite simply, my bedroom. Not that I don’t ever do any writing in other spaces, but that is where the vast majority of my writing gets done. Since I still live at home (hey, money’s tight!), it’s the same room I’ve been living in since I was seven – you know, back when it was cute and girl-cool to have soft pink walls and stuffed animals everywhere. As young as it is, though, it’s still where I’m comfortable. So to transform the room into my writing space I pull out my computer desk chair, raise it so that it’s high enough for me to stretch my legs out on my bed, and power up my laptop.

In My Space

I use a 2009 HP powered by Windows 7, and when it comes to must-have programs my needs are simple: Microsoft Office. I use Word, obviously, for the writing itself – really, I’ve come to quite hate Works Word Processor – and since every author needs her handy charts and various notes to keep her work in order, I usually have several windows up at once. In addition to the Word document I’m writing on I’ll have one, sometimes two, more with notes I’ve already written about the novel or overall series, so that I can keep myself organized. I also use a spreadsheet for quick fact referencing, with useful details like full character names, ages, height, hair and eye colors, and (yes) often these details include what kind of car they drive. You never know when you might need to know that!

The Setup

In addition to those all-important cheat-sheets, if I really want to get into my writing I need my music. I’ve heard stories of how lots of authors hate any kind of distractions, but for me music is the background ‘noise’ that drowns out the everyday, unavoidable noises of the world around me. My music helps me fall into ‘the zone’ of writing and allows me to focus; sometimes, if I feel like I’ve hit a wall with a particular scene, I’ll tune into whatever song is playing and the next thing I know I’ve found a new inspiration or angle to consider. As for what kind of music I listen to, well, that varies depending on my mood and the mood of the work I’m writing, not to mention the scene I’m writing. Generally I find a good playlist that doesn’t have any songs I might want to skip and put it on shuffle, so that it includes some country, rock, pop, and even some soundtrack music. But it all depends on the mood of the moment.

Sometimes, though, even the music isn’t enough to help me focus if I’m feeling particularly fidgety. I usually make sure I have a drink (coffee or flavored water, generally) on hand to keep me going and I’ve developed something of a need for a handy stick of Trident Layers (the Wild Strawberry & Tangy Citrus flavor). There’s something about the activity of chewing the gum that takes the edge off the fidgetiness, but I’m not sure that even makes sense! And, because it’s best to be prepared and my room is often a little on the chilly side, I always keep a pair of slipper socks and a sweater within reach. On the really cold days (ironically, these are in the summer when we have the AC cranked up), I even wrap my feet in the blankets and weigh the blankets down with a small extra pillow!

But with all these things in place, or ready to be used if necessary, I’m good to go. I settle in, hit play on my iTunes, and get writing. I realize it’s not the most elaborate or isolated writing space, but it works for me. The only distractions that really reach me when I’m up in my room are my phone and, on Tuesdays, the landscapers!

When it comes to preferred writing spaces, again I don’t think mine is crazy ridiculous. I’ve always been a mountain girl, so I think my dream space would be in the mountains. I picture a nice, comfy cabin in a forest. The area itself could either be part of my bedroom (clearly that works for me!) or maybe part of a little library-type nook. I want a good-sized window seat, overlooking either a part of a mountain lake or the rushing waters of a creek, of course with mountains themselves in the background and lots of pine trees. There would need to be a cozy blanket nearby for winter days, of course, and some sort of table-like flat surface that I could use for that cup of coffee. Then I could just curl up into the window seat, plop my computer on my lap, and forget about the outside world for a good long while!

The Current View

As for me, I write as Rose Wulf even though my first name is Andrea. I’ve been writing for years, but mostly for fun and practice; my very first publication didn’t come until late August 2012, in the form of a small summertime novella entitled Campfire Romance.

Check out Andrea/Rose’s book here.

Right now I’m in the editing stages of my first full-length novel, which is the first in a series of five paranormal romances about four brothers with elemental powers and lightning-wielding enemies. I don’t yet have a tentative release date, but you can find out anything you want to know about me as an author and my works by visiting my website: www.rosewulf.weebly.com. You can also follow me on Twitter  or find me on Facebook!

Thank you, Andrea, for sharing your writing space with us. 

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