As stated in my comment, I haven’t done anything to this room. I’ve made plans, but so far those plans are all in my head. What I have currently is a dull place, but it works… for now.

We share an interest in workspaces, so I wondered whether you were aware of a series hosted by the Guardian in the UK in which they feature various writers’ working environments. It is an interesting and odd read, but satisfying, kinda. Check out this link:

So without further delay, here is my fabulously dowdy office:

Picture 1: This is my desk and you can see part of one of the two bookcases I have in there. Opposite the desk is a window and a bed. The view from the window is of our driveway.  On the ground next to the desk are some notes and stuff from my conversion studies for the Bar exam here in NZ. I still have three papers to write before I can practice law here. Not sure if I still want to do it, but that is another story for another time. Anyway, as you can see, the walls in my office are shiny white and bland. The chair is from my dining room. Until recently, I enjoyed the luxury of a comfortable leather swivel chair. I’ve swivelled many miles in that thing, but I think I had it too long because it just broke, without warning — not even a notice. One moment I’m engrossed in world building, the next moment I’m inspecting carpet fibres. Luckily, no one was in the room when it happened.

Picture 2: Here you see the entrance to my “office” and parts of the two bookcases. About 70% of my books are still boxed away in the garage. I miss them.

Picture 3: I had to show you this. I got these a couple of years ago. Three retro-looking metal plaques that remind me of the 80s Batman et al.

About the Writer

I’ve taken a year off from practicing law to write. I’m currently writing a fantasy called “The Spirit Bow” that takes place in ancient Sumer. I’m also experimenting with urban fantasy and is writing a story that involve werewolves, vampires and demons, and even a god or two. Oh, and because I’m married and housebroken, it will have a love story too. Come to think of it, my fantasy has a love story as well, but it is more the forbidden kind.

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