A Writer’s Space

Last year, I spent some time trying to create a home office where I could write. I had a big desk. I got a new office chair. Then I went to the coffee shop all the time. It slowly dawned on me – I hate desks. I hate office chairs.

So, I‘ve set out to create a more ideal writing space for myself.

Here is the before and after.


Walking in I already didn’t want to be there. All I could see was dog kennels.


Look at that stupid chair that makes you sit upright at the stupid desk.
But check out the rocking Hong Kong Fooey action figure. I’m keeping that.

Too many books. Too many toys. Not enough shelves.


All in all a big collective pile of I don’t want to work in here.


Now, I’m greeted by robots and guitars. Much better.
And note the new ceiling fan. Keeps the dog smell way down.

Big comfy couch (but not too comfy). Nice height appropriate ottoman.
This is how man was meant to sit. Not like in a stupid chair. I’ve also added an
old bass amp as an end table and some art on the walls.

More shelves mean I can now buy more toys. Yay!

I truly believe any great space should have inaccessible books.
Also, they help hold up the Hulk figures.

Okay, I still need a stand for the electronics and the printer.

So far, everything is working out great.

I’ve always been fascinated by writing spaces.
Want to share yours? I’ll post it here. Just shoot me an email.




  1. Nice!

    Your walls are almost the same color paint as the paint in my home office. We bought it that way, but I plan on painting purple soonish! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your writing space transformation. I just started thinking about this topic for both my writing and music spaces, which may have stated out separate, but have morphed into one shared mashup over time. Not that music and writing can’t coexist, but does the Bach bust really have anything to do with women’s fictuion? Hmmm…now that I think about it….

  3. Nice! I especially like the colour. Oh, and the new shelving. I’m not sure if I could use a couch as the main control centre. I have a tendency to fall asleep if Im too comfortable, but on the other hand, I like that your screen is now wall mounted. That alone is so NCIS.

    I’ll email you some pics of my office. It’s the spare bedroom. White naked walls, but at least I have two lonesome bookcases – with books in them. I’ve a desk too, and a bed and because my office chair broke I had to steal a chair from the dining room. It is far from ideal, but it does what it is suppose to do…barely.

    • I was very careful to pick a couch that was comfortable but not too comfortable. I’m a feet up kind of guy and take the term laptop quite literally.

      Send along the pics and a description and I’ll post it here if you’d like. I’ve always been fascinated by writing spaces.

  4. What a pretty transformation, such soft calming colors! I love it!!

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