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Hey everyone! Please forgive the state of the blog right now. I am in the process of redesigning my web site and things may look a little out of whack. Sorry for any issues. Please feel free to check out my crazy thoughts anyway. Thanks for your interest. -ben

Talons of Justice

    Hawk has always been about justice. Before the apocalypse he was a lawyer who struggled to defend the rights of his clients against the system and struggled to collect payments from said clients. He always respected the law and the system. But with the...

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Willie & Coy

If you think about it, you probably know a Willie and a Coy. Every town has them. Willie and Coy grew up as best friends. They most likely met in the principal's office or detention hall. It certainly wasn't in AP class. After they were too old to go to school, they...

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The Eleventh Book is the Hardest

I wouldn't have thought it but, the eleventh book was the hardest to write. You'd think it would be the first one, but I didn't know what I was doing so I had no frame of reference. I hadn't learned much by the second book and the third and fourth books just kind of...

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