Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell

Raised from birth to be a force for justice, Damian Stockwell has forever trained to combat the evils of the world. Blessed with the physique of a demigod and one of the world’s foremost minds, he travels the globe on a quest to confront evil and punch it in the face. At his disposal is a vast fortune, an endless array of gadgets and loyal friends.

Follow the adventures of Damian Stockwell in this best-selling series. 

TBAODS_Cover__FINAL1Horror in Honduras

One of Stockwell’s friends has gone missing in a Central American jungle and the only clue is the grotesque image of a demonic tribal mask. Dam and his trusted valet Bertrand rush headlong into danger and go face-to-face with evil incarnate to save their missing friend and attempt to destroy the Horror in Honduras.



 TBAODS_Cover_Terrors-of-Tesla_FINALfullcover_4B-2Terrors of Tesla

On the eve of World War II, Stockwell’s old friend, Nikola Tesla, delivers grave news. The plans to his greatest weapons have been stolen and the forces of evil intend to use them against America. His patriotism inflamed, Stockwell begins the hunt for the missing plans. If he’s to save America, he’ll have to punch his way through Nazis, ninjas and the mad science of the Master of Lighting himself.



The Mechanical Menace

Standing on the edge of tomorrow, Damian’s own creation has run amuck causing terror at the 1933 World’s Fair. Sinister forces are at work and Stockwell soon finds himself pitted against evil robots as he and his loyal valet, Bertrand, races against time to stop The Mechanical Menace.