Everyday Crap

These are stories about the everyday crap we all have to deal with.

Everyday Crap: The Store

It all started here…John is a typical dad. He works hard, loves his family and enjoys his downtime by watching the game on TV. But, now that downtime has come crashing to a halt. His lovely wife needs him to run to the store for “just a couple of things.”

Can he make it to the store and back before social media spoils the end of the game? It’s a race against time as this dad takes on the grocery store.

Also available in the collected edition Everyday Crap.

Previously published as Dumb White Husband vs The Grocery Store and Dad Versus The Grocery Store.


Everyday Crap

The struggle is real.

You’re basically a good person. You mind your own business. You work hard to provide a nice home and decent life for your family. But, it’s always something, isn’t it?

Like minivans. Or HOAs. Or a trip to the grocery store that goes sideways when they expect you to use the self-checkout because they never have enough registers open and for some reason they think you should do their job for them. And what the hell is the code for lemons and why should you even know that? Dealing with neighbors at Christmas and scrambling to wrap gifts only to find out that the entire toy industry has staged some form of silent protest against square, easy-to-wrap packages. Then some snot-nosed new neighbor moves in and thinks you and everyone else should have to bag your grass just because his sinuses are too weak to handle the smell of spring. Halloween is a pain. And don’t even get me started on the Tooth Fairy!

John, Chris and Erik are everyday guys living in an everyday neighborhood doing their best to put up with the everyday crap we all must face. Some handle it better than others.

Previously released as The Big Book of Dumb White Husband and Dads Versus The World


Everyday Crap and Zombies

The struggle is still real. And now there are zombies.

You put up with a lot in your everyday life. There’s work. Family obligations. Binding resolutions from the HOA that say you have to hang out with your neighbors and learn to get along so you’ll stop “being a public nuisance and endangering others with your antics.” And, now, there are zombies.

So, of course, you’re separated from your family. The whole neighborhood is out to eat you. And your only hope is the two idiot neighbors that got you into this mess in the first place. Together you’ll have to fight the undead, take a road trip through the apocalypse and do your best not to kill one another in the process. Typical.

John, Chris and Erik are everyday guys living in an everyday neighborhood doing their best to put up with the everyday crap we all have to face. And zombies.

Previously released as Dumb White Husbands vs. Zombies and Dads Versus Zombies


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