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Sometimes a story stands alone. And sometimes, I haven’t gotten around to writing a sequel yet. These are those books.

Junkers_ebook coverJunkers

Is your TanBot throwing shade? Is your SafetyMan getting a little dangerous? Is your MistaBarista brewing up nothing but trouble? It’s time to call Ashley’s Robot Reclamation of Green Hill.

Jake Ashley and his team are use to taking on murderous machines with expired warranties. Stopping a robotic rampage is all in a days work when you’re a junker.

But now there’s a bigger threat growing. It’s something the robotics manufacturers swore could never happen. Something the Society for the Preservation of Humans said was inevitable. Something that has put every citizen in harm’s way and could change the way we live forever.

Jake and his team —Kat, Mason, Savant and Glitch— are the only ones standing between the good people of the city and a potential robot apocalypse.

And that is a really stupid place to stand.


Tortugas Rising

Steve Bennett never knew his father. Surprised to discover himself the heir to a billionaire’s fortune, Steve struggles to accept his new heritage and wealth.

Paul Nelson also never knew Steve’s father. And, why would he? But, he has known Steve forever and is more than happy to stand by his friend as he works through his sudden affluence.

A series of man-made islands has risen from the sea near the Dry Tortugas to form a playground for the rich and powerful. As one of the owners, it seems the perfect place for Steve to relax and adjust to his new situation. Everything seems perfect until he and Paul stumble upon a secret that could change everything.

They have no training. They can’t trust anyone. But, they must escape from paradise and stop a plot that could change the world forever.

Tortugas Rising is full of action, adventure, beautiful women, boat chases, car chases, fine dining, eco-terrorists, rhinos, castles, a fortune, a father, dirty limericks, and two of the worst heroes ever asked to save the world.


Watch Your Junk and Other Advice for Expectant Fathers

Children are amazing. Their limitless capacity for love is matched only by their ability to make you feel like an idiot. Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Watch Your Junk tackles the subjects that other baby books ignore:
– Why you shouldn’t touch the wand in the sonogram room
– The exact moment your opinion no longer counts
– How people will respond to the news
– How TV and baby classes have lied to us
– Which poop jokes to expect in the delivery room
– Converting diapers into usable guilt
– How to assure your child says your name first
And much, much more.

There’s even a twin version in case you’re so much a man that you knocked up your wife twice at the same time.


Giving The Bird: The Indie Author’s Guide to TwitterGiving the Bird: An Indie Author’s Guide to Twitter

“Get on Twitter,” they said.
“You’ll sell lots of books,” they said.
“They can suck it,” you said.
You got on Twitter and tried to sell your books, but nothing happened.
You searched for readers, but just kept attracting spam.

So, what’s the point?

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool for the indie author. Within its ranks are millions of readers looking for new authors and new books. But, simply broadcasting your link isn’t going to get you the attention you need.

This concise guide doesn’t focus on the nuts and bolts of Twitter. It will not tell you how to gain a kabillion followers. It will tell you what “they” don’t – what to tweet to build your brand as an author.

This guide is about how to sell yourself as a person and a brand, one tweet at a time, to an engaged group of followers.

So, why is the guide so short? Because, just like on Twitter, it doesn’t take a lot of words to communicate a powerful message.


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