Coming Soon: Gone to the Dogs


Many books have explored what happens to people after an apocalypse. But, what about our pets? How will they handle the end of the world?

Gone to the Dogs explores the beginning of the end of the world with Sasquatch and Fidget, a Great Dane and beagle.

The story will be released this week. And, you’ll get it for free if you subscribe to my newsletter.


New subscribers also get the story Alternate Realty.

That’s a whole lot of free.


One comment

  1. Received Gone To The Dogs as a free gift through Amazon for signing up to Ben’s newsletter. I really enjoyed this quick read! Nothing like looking at the world through a dog’s eyes. A couple of times, while I was reading, I glanced over at my wienie dog and wondered just what was rolling through his little mind.

    Thanks for the entertainment!

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