Coming Soon: Junkers

I’ve been being cranking out the words lately and I’ve got another new story coming your way in just a few days. I had more fun writing this book than any I can remember. It’s full of action, full of jokes and full of robots.

And the early response has been amazing. I’m never sure what to expect when I stray from the series I’ve written, but early readers are saying it’s my “most entertaining, most exciting and funniest book yet.” I don’t like to argue with people. It’s rude. So we’ll go with that.

Here’s a little more about Junkers:


e8dbf42a-62a1-4be0-9d0a-087c99745498Is your TanBot throwing shade?

Is your SafetyMan getting a little dangerous?

Is your MistaBarista brewing up nothing but trouble?

Then, it’s time to call Ashley’s Robot Reclamation of Green Hill.

Jake Ashley and his team are used to taking on murderous machines with expired warranties. Stopping a robotic rampage is all in a day’s work when you’re a junker.

But now there’s a bigger threat growing. It’s something the robotics manufacturers swore could never happen. Something the Society for the Preservation of Humans said was inevitable. Something that has put every citizen in harm’s way and could change the way we live forever.

Jake and his team —Kat, Mason, Savant and Glitch— are the only ones standing between the good people of the city and a potential robot apocalypse. It’s what they do.

Junkers will be released on June 15th. Be sure to sign up for my readers’ group to know the minute it’s available. You’ll also get a free book.

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