Coming Soon: UnCivil

I’ve  been working with a friend on a new series of stories and I’m happy to say that the first will be available soon.

Locked in a desperate war The Union and The Confederates are scrambling to gain any advantage over their foes.

In the North, the president has enlisted the aid of Allan Pinkerton who has formed a special division of his detective agency to explore the unexplainable.

In the South, the Knights of the Golden Circle will pursue any lead to keep the South free of Northern influence.

Both sides are locked in a dangerous game of spy vs spy as they explore the mysteries of American folklore and beyond.

The stories of Uncivil explore this secret history of the war between the states.

Uncivil: The Immortal Engine

Deep with the Organ Caverns, the KGC has discovered information leading them to believe that stories of Mary Shelly maybe more fact than fiction. Snipes, a skeptical agent, is sent across Europe to trace the history of the Modern Prometheus and locate its true inspiration as well as two missing agents.

Daniel Lansing isn’t far behind. The Pinkerton man shares a history with Snipes and his presence in Europe leads the KGC agent to question everything he believes as they both pursue the Immortal Engine.

Uncivil: The Immortal Engine will be available soon. Sign up for my newsletter to be notified when it is released.


  1. This sounds intriguing! My husband is a history buff, so I think he’ll enjoy this. I’m signing up for the newsletter, so I can grab a copy when it’s released.

    Looks to be a promising series. Good luck with it!


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