Dearest Reader – The Mechanical Menace is done

Dearest reader,

It’s done. The last few words have been placed in The Mechanical Menace and the manuscript has been submitted to the proofreader for comma scrutinization.

This could very well be Stockwell’s strangest adventure yet. It begins with terror at The Century of Progress Expo and takes him all the way to the Perfume Capital of the World. (It makes sense in the end. Trust me.)

If you’re not familiar with the Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell (and his trusted sidekick and valet, Bertrand), fear not. Though The Mechanical Menace is the third book in the series it is the first book chronologically.

But you should still read Horror in Honduras and Terrors of Tesla anyway to see how Stockwell deals with mystical Myans and a coalition of Nazis and ninjas.

The tale will be available for preorder at Amazon soon.




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