Dystopia Inc. Starts Today

The stories of Dystopia Inc will explore the effects of corporate culture becoming national culture. Think Office Space meets 1984. I hope to release a new story every month. This is the first one.

Welcome to the world of Dystopia Inc

The future brought economic collapse. Opportunistic corporations snatched up the world’s nations at bargain prices and now control every aspect of our lives. The stories of Dystopia Inc. will explore this future. A future where corporations reach into our very lives. A future where the CEO decides all. A future where some Fridays are Blue Jean Friday if you are so inclined.


The War Room

War rages in southeast Asia. It is the least popular of those currently raging and public support is waning. It’s up to the Department of Marketing to rally the people and their wallets or all will be lost. For this task, they enter the war room. Someone brought bagels.

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