Get As Good As You Give

It’s better to give than receive. But receiving is pretty great, too. In fact, with the exception of contagions, it may be even better.

Give or receive? It’s quite the moral dilemma, if my understanding of what dilemmas and morals are is right.

Even if I have confused morality with greed, I have a solution for you. My books allow you to both give and receive, thus allowing you to appear generous while satisfying our greedy little hearts.

All of my novels are enrolled in Amazon’s Matchbook program which means, when you buy the print version, you’ll get the ebook for free. You can see where I’m going with this. You get to give your friend, loved one, coworker or favorite sanitation engineer the gift of a really fun read while hoarding the ebook version for yourself.

Giving AND getting. This is the true spirit of the season.

Happy Holidays, everyone.


Benjamin Wallace Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors A Duck & Cover Adventure Benjamin Wallace Tortugas Rising The Dumb White Husband's Guide to Babies The Dumb White Husband's Guide to Babies The Dumb White Husband's Guide to Babies



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