I’m So Giveable

Despite the weather (80 in Dallas the last couple of days) it’s the holiday season and that can only mean one thing. Panic. Stone cold panic has set in about what to get the people you love most.

Kids are easy—mine sat on Santa’s lap and asked him for World of Warcraft, a guitar and a motorcycle. To his credit, he did not laugh in their faces nearly as hard as I did.

Grown ups are more difficult. They already have all the cool toys, nice threads and know how to work Gamefly. So, here’s something they don’t have. My books in print. I know they don’t have them because they are just recently available. One just came out.

    Dumb White Husband for President – brand spanking new to the world of paper, this book collects all of the Dumb White Husband stories thus far. And it’s the only place you can get the short story Dumb White Husband vs The Tooth Fairy and the novella Dumb White Husband for President. Join John, Chris and Eric as they take on Santa, Halloween, the grocery store and the HOA and fail. Miserably.


Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors – Take America. Apocalypse the hell out of it. Then drop a man, his dog and their Winnebago into the middle of it all. Join the Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warrior and Chewy as they travel the wasteland looking to help people in need. People who generally don’t want their help.



Tortugas Rising – While you weren’t looking, the rich and powerful built a chain of luxurious man-made islands in the Gulf of Mexico. Steve Bennett suddenly finds himself an heir to one of the islands and a billionaire’s fortune. He and his friend travel to the islands and get caught up in a plot that will change America forever. And, only they can stop it. They have no training, no skills and not a single clue. America is probably screwed.

That person whose laugh makes your heart sing … that other person who could use a good laugh because their constant whining is bringing everyone down … your mom. Each of these would make tremendous gifts for all of those people.

Of course, if you want to spoil yourself, you could self-gift them. Just promise to act surprised when you unwrap them. No one likes a snooper.

Thanks for reading.

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