1. Hi Ben….Your voice is fine. The background is nice. You are photogenic enough to make it work. The only advice I would have for you is to look at the camera more. You tend to have your eyes down, probably on your copy. Most on air talent has a teleprompter or cue cards behind the camera, forcing them to look that way. Anyway, great effort. I will look forward to more videos, even though I don’t mind reading, as you well know…

  2. Stupidly entertaining. My favorite kind. I like the voice and photogenic-ness. Good job.

  3. Ben, You always make me laugh! I love all the things you say–starting as far back as that family Christmas letter you sent out a thousand years ago! BTW, what’s up with the white cooking timer on the side book shelf–your left side? Sorry, couldn’t help checking out the space your are in. :-)

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