Forgive me. I’m excited. My latest book launches today.

This is the second book in The Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell and I still can’t get over how much fun I had writing this one.

Damian Stockwell is my ode to the pulp heroes of the 30’s. He’s been described by others as Doc Savage meets Frank Drebin, and the Tick without his costume. I’m honored at both of those descriptions. He’s an over-the-top all-American doer-of-good. Dammit.

Even though this is a sequel, it is a stand alone book. You don’t have to read Horrors in Honduras to enjoy this one. But, you should, because, c’mon.

Please check it out.

Nazis. Ninjas. No problem.


Join the world’s greatest adventurer on his greatest adventure in the world.

Raised from birth to be a force for justice, Damian Stockwell has forever
trained to combat the evils of the world. Blessed with the physique of a
demigod and one of the world’s foremost minds, he travels the globe on a
quest to confront evil and punch it in the face. At his disposal is a
vast fortune, an endless array of gadgets and loyal friends.

Now, on the eve of World War II, his old friend, Nikola Tesla, delivers
grave news. The plans to his greatest weapons have been stolen and the
forces of evil intend to use them against America. His patriotism
inflamed, Stockwell begins the hunt for the missing plans. If he’s to
save America, he’ll have to punch his way through Nazis, ninjas and the
mad science of the Master of Lighting himself.

It’s action and adventure of the highest order in The Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell: Terrors of Tesla.