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New Releases!


I’m excited to announce that I’ve got two new releases available today. BACK TO THE WASTELAND In this short story, Jerry finds himself chained to the wall of a Piggly Wiggly about to face death match justice. A surprisingly common form of governing in the apocalypse. Buy it now.         THE SECRET WAR BETWEEN THE STATES It’s ... Read More »

Coming Soon: UnCivil


I’ve  been working with a friend on a new series of stories and I’m happy to say that the first will be available soon. Locked in a desperate war The Union and The Confederates are scrambling to gain any advantage over their foes. In the North, the president has enlisted the aid of Allan Pinkerton who has formed a special ... Read More »

Using My Words: Writing Resolutions for 2014

Here comes 2014 and once again everything in the book monkey world has changed. The latest is that traditionally published books are now being price competitively against indie books. We little independent authors no longer have the price edge. And with that, all of our advantages have been stripped away. So, going forward into the New Year, what does that ... Read More »

Using My Words: It Has Stopped Being Fun

I lost my job earlier this year and put all of my effort into my books. I looked to them to make up for the lost income so my kids would stop telling me, “I’m hungry, Dad!” I was steadfast in the idea that, with a full day devoted to marketing, I could make every title a huge success. So, ... Read More »

Get As Good As You Give

It’s better to give than receive. But receiving is pretty great, too. In fact, with the exception of contagions, it may be even better. Give or receive? It’s quite the moral dilemma, if my understanding of what dilemmas and morals are is right. Even if I have confused morality with greed, I have a solution for you. My books allow ... Read More »

10 Minutes of The Hunger Games


It was hard to find anyone at the office that wasn’t reading it when it came out. When people asked me if I had read it, I told them that it was next on my list after finishing Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb. When the movie came out, a lot of people threw a fit that it was going to be ... Read More »

Dumb White Husband vs The Christmas Wish List 2013

It's not usually complicated.

Children need help with a lot of things. Their Christmas Wish List isn’t one of them. They’ve been working on it since their birthday and have the thing committed to memory like they were a spy protecting government secrets. Granted, it’s not usually complicated. Despite this, websites everywhere have been compiling Hot Toy Lists to help you spoil your children. ... Read More »