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20 Questions with Robert Ford


1. So, what’s your book all about? The King of Spain ( is about friendship and love and hope, and technology and aging, and bears. It’s about everything and nothing. 2. What inspired you to write this tale? Life I guess, the way things seem to be going, things I worry about. I also wanted to write a story set ... Read More »

Sweet Saturday Sample 10/27 – Dumb White Husband vs. Halloween


Welcome everyone and Happy Halloween. Here’s the Sweet Saturday Sample: #SweetSat They would come down the path. Eddie Driscoll would rise to meet them. Their panic would drive them into the sudden arms of Kachanga, the miniature giant gorilla. The stench from his fur – an original blend of pickled eggs and Old Spice – would repel them back to ... Read More »

Using My Words – Outlining

I wasn’t much of an outliner in school. Any required outlines were made after the paper was written. It felt a lot like “showing your work” in math – something else I wasn’t a big fan of. I never understood why the right answer wasn’t enough for them. Working on projects longer than three pages, and multiple projects at a ... Read More »

20 Questions with Nick Orsini


1. So, what’s your book all about? Fingerless Gloves is a story about being in your mid-20’s, but never actually feeling like a grown up. Anton is a guy who’s held on to feelings and habits for far too long, and even though he does adult things like pay bills, pay rent, etc… he is still very stunted. This ... Read More »

Announcing Dumb White Husband for President (and other stories)


Dumb White Husband for President & Other Stories There comes a time in every man’s life when he must stand for the things he believes in. John Matthews doesn’t believe in bagging his grass. So, when a new allergy-prone neighbor gets the HOA to require it, there’s only one things he can do – run for President of The Creeks ... Read More »

Using My Words – Swimming


What does swimming have to do with writing? I’ve got three kids. Loud ones. I’ve got a wonderful wife. I’ve got a full-time job. I’ve got two dogs. This is all great, but you know what I don’t get a lot of? Quiet. With all this, even when nothing is going on, something is going on. I can never get ... Read More »

20 Questions with Nicole J. Persun


1. So, what’s your book all about? My book combines adventure, romance, and intrigue in a young adult fantasy. Here’s more from the back cover: Max, a young woman who has just escaped a life of slavery, has found herself at the heart of a heated rebellion and a complicated legend. As the kingdom of Alice seeks power among the ... Read More »