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Sweet Saturday Sample 10/13


Welcome everyone. Here’s the Sweet Saturday Sample: #SweetSat “Vocation?” “Post-apocalyptic nomadic warrior.” “Nomad,” the man said to himself as he scratched at a piece of paper with the nub of a pencil. “I’m sorry. I didn’t say nomad. Post-apocalyptic nomadic warrior.” “What’s the difference?” “It’s a pretty big difference.” Roy Tinner was a balding man and refused to admit it. ... Read More »

Using My Words – Free Books


I’ve paid for advertising on book blogs. I’ve targeted ads on special interest blogs. I’ve paid for Adwords and Facebook ads. I’ve done interviews. I’ve done guest blogs. I even did a post for I recorded a character interview. I have two blogs. I have over 27,000 Followers on Twitter and almost 200 hundred on Facebook. And, nothing, nothing ... Read More »

Holy Crap! Free Book!

  Pickup the #1 Amazon Comedy, Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors, for FREE today. Read More »

20 Questions with Terry Persun


1. So, what’s your book all about? Cathedral of Dreams is about a utopian city (Newcity) and a dystopian outside world (one that stopped progressing technologically once the Newcity structures were put up). Keith is a resident of Newcity, but isn’t happy there. His emotion-control chip has failed before, and now that he’s having dreams, he knows it’s about to ... Read More »

Using My Words – Reviews II

Before the whole paid reviews thing popped in the NYT a few weeks ago I fully intended to write a post about reviews that was geared more to how I cope with them. Reviews are great. I love em when they are good. I try to learn from them when they are poor. I knew getting into this that what ... Read More »

20 Questions with Nina Post


1. So, what’s your book all about? My second published book, One Ghost Per Serving, is about a self-doubting father who  embarks on a quest to win a seemingly impossible contest, and discovers he’s the only one who can stop a supernatural pathogen from spreading throughout the food supply. 2. What inspired you to write this tale? A yogurt contest, ... Read More »

Using My Words – The Social Contract

A few months ago a blogger and Twitter pal, Todd Trann posted “The Indie Author Social Contract”. It was a wonderfully generous way that he decided to help indie authors whose books he had downloaded during free promotions. You should definitely read the article for the full context and reasoning, he says a lot of great things (and not just ... Read More »