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CHECK IT OUT! Dumb White Husband vs. The Grocery Store (A Short Story) John is a dumb white husband. That is to say that he loves and cares for his family, is successful in his career, popular around the neighborhood, can dress himself (often without injury) and is capable of reasonable thought. Demographically, however, he functions like a 4-year-old that ... Read More »

GUEST – Russell Blake

Author Russell Blake joins us to talk about the importance of a book’s cover. Taking Cover How much does your eBook cover matter? I mean, really, they’re all just thumbnails on Amazon, so is it that important to create something unique or impactful? How much time & money should you even devote to it? The answer, from my perspective, is ... Read More »

GUEST – John Brown

Sometimes Words are powerful. The right combination of words (no matter how meaningless) can sell products, create movements and win elections. Yes, they can. I’ve always found etymology fascinating. Now, I’m not sure if Vampire Energy was simply inspired by its nature or carefully crafted in a green lab somewhere to strike fear into people, but it’s a nice example ... Read More »

Labor Day Update

Labor Day was created to ease the angst over the US Military shooting a bunch of Pullman workers who were on strike. I’m going to show my solidarity with these victims by drinking. A lot. When I emerge from my fuel induced coma of honor, I will begin writing the first draft of my next book. The outline is the ... Read More »

Fascination – The Principality of Outer Baldonia

A few weeks ago I mentioned filibustering as a part of my fascination with bananas–private armies trying to seize land to form their own nations. In this same vein are micro-nations. Here people don’t raise an army, or take over anything, they just declare their backyard, or wherever, an independent nation. Some have been on barrier islands, some on oil ... Read More »

INTERVIEW – Regina Wamba, Cover Designer

I’ve always wished that I were more of an artist. I draw crappy bears and I did the bomb on the cover of Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors, but I can’t bring to life the scenes I have in my head without a few thousand words. Still I draw a great deal of inspiration from visual pieces. I got a chance to ... Read More »

GUEST – Marjorie F. Baldwin

When Ben Wallace invited me to do one of these guest blogs, I choked. I mean, I wanted the opportunity, but what the heck was I going to write about exactly? Then I recalled the words of the venerable John W. Campbell: Science fiction should be equal parts science and fiction—but do notice which word comes first! That’s when I ... Read More »