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Fascination – Bears

Bears are the badasses of the forest. Plain and simple. They’re big and they’ve got claws, but, more frightening, they have us all convinced that they only eat berries and stolen honey. The bear propaganda machine has us all lulled into a false sense of security. Worst of all, people are in on it. Don’t believe me? Take a look ... Read More »

An Update – What’s Next

Now that Tortugas Rising is out, it’s back to work. Here’s what’s coming up. Songs of the Apocalypse: A Duck & Cover Adventurette – a short story that follows Jerry and Chewy into the wasteland where they encounter a young virtuoso. Hilarity ensues. Hopefully. A second Duck & Cover Adventure – Jerry and Chewy will be wandering the wasteland again. ... Read More »

GUEST – Tim C. Taylor

Tim Taylor joins us here with one of his fascinations. One I happen to share. Here’s Tim: It was a comic book writer who pointed out my fascination, an unconventionally shod fellow with long beard and a yellow frock coat called Alan Moore. He didn’t know it, of course. Alan was giving me polite words of encouragement, an established writer ... Read More »

GUEST – Lena Hillbrand

Lena Hillbrand fills us in on what motivate her to write. Any parent out there can probably relate. Check out her book The Superiors on Amazon. Here’s Lena: Finding inspiration One question that readers often ask authors is where they get their inspiration. I think it’s one of the hardest questions to answer, which is why everyone wants to know. ... Read More »

GUEST – John Pansini

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Fascination – Tybee Bomb

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Marketing Like a Punk

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