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Rough Drafts: The Rougher the Better


I’ve been struggling to finish another full-length book this year. But, I finally realized what was holding me back and now I feel stupid because it was something I’d learned long ago. I wasn’t making my rough drafts rough enough. THE PROBLEM: TOO MANY TASKS  I was writing my rough drafts so they would be fairly close to the finished ... Read More »

Screw The Muse: Brest Fortress Memorial

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Here’s my basic creative process. Fill my head with information until my brain is full and a story falls out. Then fill it up again. I spend a lot of time filling up my head.  Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” I say, screw the muse. I’ll find my ... Read More »

Writing the Sequel


  I put not focusing on a series at the top of my list of strategic self-publishing mistakes. But, it’s not entirely true. Almost every thing I’ve written was intended to be a series. But each works in a different way. The Dumb White Husband series was supposed to be a bunch of short stories that turned everyday events into impossible ... Read More »

Self-Publishing Mistake 1: Slowing Down and How To Fix That


As I mentioned in my original 5 mistakes post my biggest mistake was slowing down. I have a thousand excuses for this. Life got in the way blah, blah, blah. It doesn’t matter. I had slowed down the output of words which led to fewer books which led to less news to share which led to fewer sales. There are ... Read More »

I’ve Screwed Up: 5 Strategic Mistakes In Self-Publishing

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We’re supposed to learn from our mistakes. It’s what makes us grow as people or something. Usually I find it better to learn from others’ mistakes. It saves me the embarrassment that comes with the lesson. But, sometimes making our own mistakes is unavoidable. In those cases we should default to the conventional wisdom. I’ve made my share of mistakes ... Read More »

Coming Soon: Gone to the Dogs

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GONE TO THE DOGS Many books have explored what happens to people after an apocalypse. But, what about our pets? How will they handle the end of the world? Gone to the Dogs explores the beginning of the end of the world with Sasquatch and Fidget, a Great Dane and beagle. The story will be released this week. And, you’ll ... Read More »

I’m Not Writing For You Anymore

I’m not writing for you anymore. And, I’ll be honest, I never really wanted to. I wanted to write for me. It was a totally selfish act. When I first started writing books it was a way to escape the pressures of my day job. I’d sit by myself for hours without a clue as to what I was doing. ... Read More »