Pursuit of the Apocalypse is available now

The adventure that began 5 years ago in Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors continues in The Pursuit of the Apocalypse. And I am really excited. I never really envisioned Post past a single book but look at it now!

Make sure and grab your copy today.


The bounty hunter Mr. Christopher has kidnapped Erica and The Librarian and his dog, Chewy are desperate to get her back.

Willie and Coy like money and are after The Librarian to collect the price on his head. Hawk and his gang of wasteland raiders are after Willie and Coy for a breach of contact.

In the powerful city of Alasis, a movement is growing and the people consider The Librarian a hero. Lord Invictus wants the movement stopped and has sent the fearsome and mysterious Skinners to finish what Mr. Christopher started.

In the middle of it all is a city where the citizens prize freedom and equality above all other things, or else.

And, of course, there are bears.


I’m really excited about this one.

Everyone is chasing everyone and Jerry is at the heart of it all.  Lots of action, lots of humor, lots of super smart bears!

It’s been a long time coming.

Here are the links. Remember the special price only lasts until Saturday midnight so get your copy soon.




And I’m pretty sure The Librarian’s tale isn’t over yet.

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