The news has been out there for some time now, I just needed time to process it. 

Robert Pattinson is going to be the new Batman. The sparkly vampire from the most millennial movie of all time is the Dark Knight. Many people have come to his defense saying he’s a pretty good actor. Others have told me that he hated Twilight and that somehow makes his casting okay. I hated Twilight, too and it doesn’t qualify me to be the next Bruce Wayne.

But the truth is, Pattinson isn’t even really the problem with Pattinson being cast as Batman. It’s the realization that what my generation thinks no longer matters. That’s okay. It was bound to happen. It’s just going to take some adjusting to. All during Nolan’s run there was a feeling that it was time to give Batman back to the kids. But this isn’t how I saw it happening.
Anyway, I’m adjusting and I know I’m in good company because I realize this is exactly how the British must have felt when they realized they no longer ruled the world.

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