A routine first contact mission gone horribly wrong. A narcissistic captain and his crew, a corporate spy, a master criminal, and a time-traveling soldier at the center of it all with alien encounters, dark secrets, and epic battles in space. The galaxy will never be the same.

Shattered Alliance

The galaxy will never be the same again.

A surprise attack during a routine First Contact ceremony turns the Alliance’s flagship into a firework display over the desert planet Shandor and lands Captain Thurgood and several of his crew in the hands of an enemy they never knew existed.

For the first time in its existence, the Alliance finds itself outmatched and powerless to act. So, it falls to a corporate spy, the galaxy’s most wanted criminal, and a soldier from another era to rescue the Captain and his crew.

Whether they succeed or fail, the fact remains that the balance of power in the galaxy has shifted and nothing will ever be the same.

Filled with intense action, epic battles, ruthless enemies, cool ships, alien worlds, smooth spies, hot criminals, grumpy sidekicks, narcissistic captains, unacceptable insubordination, hostile relics and some deep, dark secrets, Shattered Alliance is a hilarious look at humanity’s future in the stars from the author of the bestselling Duck & Cover Adventures.