Shopping for a home in an alternate reality. The first marathon runner trying to justify his place in history. Sometimes an idea shouldn’t fill a whole book. Thankfully there is the short story.

making babies

Making Babies

Having a baby can be a big decision. And a bunch of little ones.

rules for time travel

Rules for Time Travel

You can’t just go traveling through time without a few precautions. The repercussions would be catastrophic.

twenty something miles to marathom

Goliath’s End

Hiro has been a member of Goliath Force since the giant robot wolves were first uncovered on the planet Altina.

Over the years he and his teammates have faced many threats together by combining to form Goliathemoth. But, he has grown disgruntled and feels that his particular part of Goliathemoth is not appreciated. Now he is threatening to quit the team. Will Goliath Force survive?

twenty something miles to marathom

Twenty-Something Miles

After running from the Battle of Marathon to deliver the news of the Greek victory over the Persians, Pheidippides is confident he will go down in history. Herodotus is not so sure.

Pilgrim : Spit of the Demon

Not every pilgrim came in search of freedom.

Jonathan Parker arrived in the new world on the Mayflower. He signed no compact. He attended no feast. His journey was not one of religious freedom but of religious edict. Sent by the church to make the new world safe for Christian settlers, the pilgrim warrior is charged with clearing the forests, rivers, mountains and prairies of ancient demons. Together with his Croatan companion, Umpagos, Parker searches the new world to locate and destroy the monsters of Native American “mythology.”

To the Abenaki people, Ato-sis is a being of the ancient age. Feared for his lizard-like form and cannibalistic nature, he has always been a part of their world. To Parker he is simply another demon that stands in his path to redemption. When he finally encounters the beast, however, he discovers that there is more to this “myth” than he had expected.

post-apocalyptic nomadic warriors duck and cover adventure series

Alternate Realty

One of the biggest challenges in selling inter-dimensional realty is finding the perfect home for a young couple. Especially when the wife has an issue with dinosaurs.

Dystopia Inc. #1: The War Room

War rages in southeast Asia.

It is the least popular of those currently raging and public support is waning. It’s up to the Department of Marketing to rally the people and their wallets or all will be lost. For this task, they enter the war room. Someone brought bagels.

About Dystopia Inc.:
The future brought economic collapse. Opportunistic corporations snatched up the world’s nations at bargain prices and now control every aspect of our lives. The stories of Dystopia Inc. will explore this future. A future where corporations reach into our very lives. A future where the CEO decides all. A future where some Fridays are Blue Jean Friday if you are so inclined.