Six Sentence Sunday 4/22

Hey everyone, I am now participating in Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday, so please check it out.

Here are six sentences from:
Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors: A Duck and Cover Adventure

For many years the boob touching and nose breaking were the most noteworthy thing to ever happen in the big steel barn. Then the world blew up.

After the apocalypse, the barn transitioned from a mythical location that had grown infamous through playground lore into the administration building of the town of New Hope.

Weddings, baptisms, elections, chili contests, and more soon trumped the tag incident as the most important event to occur in the building.

A democracy had been formed in its now sacred walls; a constitution was written and ratified. This social contract between three dozen citizens had been put into print, signed, framed, and hung on the wall conveniently covering a verse of Sharpie scrawled graffiti that read, “Jim was it, grabbed a tit, Susan threw a big fit.”

Wanna read more? Check out the Prelude below and buy it or borrow it for FREE on amazon.

Thanks for reading
– ben

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  1. Nice six. Political shenanigans in the big tin barn, very amusing.

  2. I find myself so intrigued by all of this. I definitely want more!

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