Six Sentence Sunday 9/16

Hey everyone, this week in Six Sentence Sunday #sixsunday:

Dumb White Husband vs. Babies:
A Guide for Unsuspecting Fathers

If your wife is delivering vaginally, then DO NOT LOOK AT THE VAGINA! I told you before that there is no crisp and sterile sheet to separate you from the carnage that is childbirth. So, you, like me, pictured yourself way up at the top of the bed holding your wife’s hand, stroking her hair and whispering reassuring words that you have no business whispering.

That’s because you’re dumb, like me.
They had me right in there!

“Here, hook her knee in your arm and help hold her leg back,” the doctor says.

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Thanks for reading
– ben

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  1. Love the humor in this, I finished it with a huge grin. What a refreshing change of pace!

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