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Last week, four authors that had communicated primarily online met in the mountains of Arizona to talk about writing books and reaching readers. It sounds strange. Especially when you consider one door in the house opened up to a cave.

So what happens when four authors who met online get together in real life?

You spend the first day eyeing each other suspiciously wondering which one will end up being the killer.

To your horror you discover that vegetarians are in the majority.

You make an escape plan just in case.

You realize that any escape route will require you to run uphill in thin air so you decide that you’ve had a good life a grab a beer from the fridge instead.

IMG_3099You try a flight of mead at the number 2 rated Meadery in the world after discovering that a Meadery is a thing, mead is still a thing and there are people that still make mead.



You drink in an old west saloon.

You talk about how much bad reviews sting, especially when the same person who gave your book a one-star rating also gave a spork a five-star rating.

You discover there is such a thing as a mead headache and that, despite there being only one letter difference, meadache does not make a good portmanteau.

You discover that vegan food isn’t all that bad.

You share your methods and learn new methods to be a better, more productive writer.

IMG_3102You still wonder why the house has a cave room and a butcher knife hanging in the garage but worry less about it but, seriously, WTF?




IMG_3098You enjoy the view of the mountains.






You enjoy more vegan meals.

IMG_3115You shut up and write a lot and the other people in the room understand and don’t interrupt or take offense.




You offer to buy everyone dinner provided the place serves meat because even though vegan meals are delicious they are still, in fact, meatless.

You drink old-fashioned’s in a former old-west whorehouse after kicking the saloon doors open like a gunfighter.

IMG_3121 You see deer right outside the window while eating pancakes.






You depart as friends vowing to do it again next year, but next year the summit will be held on one of the author’s yachts since we learned so much and yacht’s can’t, by their very nature, have a cave room.




Big thanks to Steven Luna, Clayton Smith and Jordon Quattlebaum for including me in their author’s summit. I had a blast and mead.