Sweet Saturday Sample 10/27 – Dumb White Husband vs. Halloween

Welcome everyone and Happy Halloween.
Here’s the Sweet Saturday Sample: #SweetSat

They would come down the path. Eddie Driscoll would rise to meet them. Their panic would drive them into the sudden arms of Kachanga, the miniature giant gorilla. The stench from his fur – an original blend of pickled eggs and Old Spice – would repel them back to the horrendous balloon animals of Bubbles, the axe-murdering clown.

The other cords, cables and lines shook various bushes and trees to keep the victims moving ever forward. Each horror would bounce them closer and closer to the end – a face full of water from Spittin’ Bob and the prize of a full-sized chocolate bar. He giggled to himself as he imagined the fright of the neighborhood kids. The Yard of Terror would be unmatched and he would become a legend. This would totally make up for last year.


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Thanks for reading
– ben

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  1. Everyone’s a kid at Halloween. Nice excerpt.

  2. Nice excerpt, Ben. Although now I’ll spend the whole day getting the smell of pickled eggs and old spice out of my head. eww!

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