Sweet Saturday Sample 5/19

Welcome everyone. Here’s the Sweet Saturday Sample: #SweetSat

Taken from
Tortugas Rising

The faint sound of a distant engine piqued their ears. It grew louder.

Steve scrambled to turn the key but lost it in his panic. He padded around the dashboard trying to find it.

The approaching engine roared and the boat came around the corner of the nearby island. Steve focused and found the key, but, before he could turn it, the boat was upon them and slowing.

It was different. Smaller. The boat drifted next to the jet-boat and the engine died. He had seen it and others like it at the dock – an ImagiNation water taxi. A figure appeared in the canopy’s opening.

“You know boats are surprisingly easy to hot-wire.”
“Paul! Thank god you’re… you stole a boat?”
“You left me alone. I needed something to do.”
“Is there a radio in that thing?”

“Yeah, but I think we’re too far from Key West to get FM. And, you two look like you’re doing fine without the soft music.”
Steve hadn’t even noticed that Katherine had grabbed his arm when they first heard Paul’s boat. “Call security! We’ve been shot at.”

“Get in the boat.” Paul’s constant smirk vanished. With the order given, he disappeared into the cabin.

Steve jumped into the ImagiNation water taxi, and helped Katherine aboard. As she boarded he asked, “Can you work the radio?”

“Yes.” She moved forward to the cabin.

“Who shot at you?” Paul moved from one side of the passenger craft to the other, peering into the now black night.

“Don’t know. They dressed in black, shot guns, and didn’t give their names.”

Katherine studied the radio and flicked the power switch several times. “Nothing. The radio is dead. Almost as if it’s shorted out.” She turned to Paul. Paul could feel her stare. Steve was glaring as well.

“Okay, so, maybe it’s not as easy to hot-wire a boat as I thought.”

“Back into the Sea-Doo. It’s got to be faster than this thing. Chances are they still haven’t a clue as to where we are.” Steve ushered Katherine out of the water taxi. Paul moved forward to the cabin.

“Now, Paul.”

“Go ahead. Just let me get this thing moving in the other direction. Then come and get me.” He moved toward the cabin and Steve jumped back into the Sea-Doo. He waited for Paul to start the taxi’s engine, and turned the key on the Islandia. The water taxi’s engine roared and it began to move. A moment later Paul was in the water. Steve pulled alongside and fished his friend from the Gulf.

Paul wiped the water from his face. “At the very least, we should be a little harder to hear now. Tell your girl to keep it slow, and maybe they’ll go for the noisy one.” He settled into one of the seats behind the cockpit and was quiet. But, only for a moment. “Only you could inherit a billion dollar fortune, come to paradise, meet a hot girl, and screw it all up by getting shot at. You at least did it first, right?”


“Just asking.” His voice faded off. “Hoping. Whatever. It’s been a while for you.”

Wanna hear more from Paul? Check out an audio interview with him below. Also, buy Tortugas Rising or borrow it for FREE on amazon.

Thanks for reading
– ben

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  1. Nice action and a good plan.

  2. Someone who shoots at you and doesn’t give their name? How dare they, and how rude can they be? LOL!

  3. Love the action and dialogue here

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