Sweet Saturday Sample 5/5

Welcome everyone. Here’s the Sweet Saturday Sample: #SweetSat

Taken from
Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors: A Duck and Cover Adventure

We join Logan as he is explaining to the children of New Hope the dangers of the wasteland:

“Listen to me, kids. Super Smart Bears are dangerous. Don’t go near them. Run home and get behind a wall. Only a complete moron, only the stupidest person on Earth, would ever go looking for Super Smart Bears.”


“I’m going after them, that’s what I’m doing.” Jerry stood in the middle of the path left by the stolen motor coach.

“But, that’s stupid, Dick.” Erica had become anxious since seeing the shredded license plate. She gripped the rifle tighter and kept looking to the high grass surrounding the Dairy Queen.

He shrugged off her insult, “We’re not going to survive without some form of transportation.”

“Then why don’t we find something that doesn’t have mutant bears in it?”

“They couldn’t have gotten far.” He walked into the brush. Chewy kept a cautious pace behind him, keeping equal distance between the warrior and the girl.

Erica was terrified of chasing after the bears, but the further he wandered into the field, the more anxious she got.

She rushed into the field and caught up to the nomad. “I hate you, Dick.”

“I know.”

Hardened by the fierce summer sun, the ground had provided a quick and firm surface for the coach. But, as they moved further down the path, it became clear that bears were not good drivers. Meandering through the overgrown reeds, the trail often doubled back on itself, causing the trio to retrace their steps several times.

Wide looping turns led him to believe that the bears had not hot-wired the vehicle, but rolled it into the brush while fighting the unresponsive power steering.

The idea that the bears had not yet mastered electrical systems came as a relief, but it worried him that the bears had not thought to place the vehicle in neutral. Stripped gears would ruin his plan of sneaking on board the Silver Lining and driving away really fast, avoiding a confrontation with the intelligent mutations.

With every step down the trail he tried to convince himself that going after the coach was the right thing to do. If the world blowing up had taught humanity anything, it was to not get attached to stuff. Stuff didn’t save anyone when the bombs fell, the rivers burned, and the germs spread. Stuff just got in their way. It weighed them down as they evacuated. It possessed some to stay in harm’s way.

It wasn’t surprising. The majority of the world had pursued the accumulation of stuff: bigger homes, fancier cars, more advanced TVs, smart phones, and more.

They kept smart phones in their pockets and family and friends at arm’s length. And when the end came and there was initial chaos and rampant starvation, people learned all too well that you could not rely on stuff. You needed friends. A dead phone provided no companionship; an empty house no comfort. The latest fashions provided no food, but you could always eat a close friend.

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– ben

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  1. This sounds like a good read. The bears are a nice new twist on the theme.

  2. You are so right about “stuff”. It’s gonna be our end.

  3. What a clever premise! I love the smart bears and wonder what other kinds of trouble they’re causing. And the ending was a real surprise.

  4. Wow! Love your sample. There’s a lot of insight and emotions in it. And I agree – stuff’s gonna be our end.

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