Sweet Saturday Sample 6/23

Welcome everyone. Here’s the Sweet Saturday Sample: #SweetSat

Taken from my upcoming short story:
Dumb White Husband vs. The Tooth Fairy

“Oh, this just isn’t fair.”

Dr. Smiley’s office was a wonderland. Colorful characters lined the walls. The entire reception area was decorated like outer space. Aliens and kids blasted around the room on rocket packs holding over-sized toothbrushes. A three dimensional rocket ship sat in one corner of the room. Inside its hull, a TV played a loop of kids shows.

Ryan darted off to a “command center” that had three screens and three video game systems ready for play. He grabbed a controller and fired up a racing game. He was lost in the screen a moment later.

Despite the high tech appearance of the room, the receptionist’s window was standard issue. He heard the glass slide open behind him.

“May I help you sir?”
“Uh…yes. Anderson. My son has an appointment to look at his tooth.”
“Oh, well you’re in luck. That’s what we do here.”

Erik’s wonderment faded. The woman behind the glass slid him a clipboard and a pen with the word Plaxisil emblazened on it.

“What’s Plaxisil?”
“It’s a medical term that means free pen.”
“I see. So why is it also on that notepad?”
The window slid shut and Erik was left alone in outer space.

Coming Soon: Dumb White Husband vs. The Tooth Fairy.

Thanks for reading
– ben

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  1. So funny! I love the part about the pen!

  2. Ben, your humorous work reminds me of another author named Dale Bulla. Have you ever read any of his work? He came to my elementary school when I was teaching, and back then he sold both books and tapes of his stories. Have you ever thought about doing something like that? I think you’d be really good at it!

  3. Great doctor humor

  4. Cute! It made me smile and I def wanna check out your Dumb White Husband series – I am sure I’ll be smiling a lot with them!!

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