Sweet Saturday Sample 7/14

Welcome back everyone. Here’s the Sweet Saturday Sample: #SweetSat

Taken from my NEW RELEASE short story:
Dumb White Husband vs. The Tooth Fairy

“The bastard broke my child’s face!”

“Honey! The ‘bastard’ is only 4 years old. It was an accident.”

Erik paced the kitchen floor clenching and unclenching his fists.

“Just calm down. Jack was very upset. Chris called and had him apologize.”

“Oh, well, then I guess now it never happened. Now our son never got assaulted.”

“It wasn’t an assault. It was an accident.” Christine crossed the kitchen and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Ryan’s a little boy. These things are going to happen. A lot. You can’t blame Jack.”

“He’s the one who threw the frisbee. Who should I blame? I can’t blame Wham-o? I don’t know where they live. Chris? I can go knock on his door, wait patiently for him to answer and then punch his tooth out.”

“What do you think that will solve?”

“Everybody in this neighborhood has been waiting for an excuse to hit him.”

“And you think it should be you?”

“I want it to be me.”

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Thanks for reading
– ben

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  1. As always, I love your take on normal, everyday things. You always make me laugh!

  2. Love the dialogue. It really set the angry mood of the father

  3. I’m guessing everybody in the neighborhood would like to punch this dad too! You did a great job with the dialogue, showing the rational mom and the out-of-control dad. Very realistic!

  4. Thank you everyone. Your comments are always encouraging.

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