That Part Where

There are still a few spots left in the launch of our new book promo site That Part Where which will feature The Greatest Scenes from the Latest Books.

The idea behind the site is to feature a scene from your book that makes it awesome. These are the scenes that make readers love a book. No one ever leaves a movie, turns to their friend and says, “I’m so glad that was a sci-fi movie starring Will Smith!” Instead they say, “I loved That Part Where they upload the virus to the alien ship!”

Okay no one said that either, because that was extremely lame. But you get the idea.

We’re looking for 60 authors to help launch the site. Your post will be free. All we need from you is the following:
1. An image of your book cover
2. A short description of the book
3. A quick intro to the scene
4. The scene itself
5. Your website if you wish to include it
6. a warning if there are any dirty words (I’ve got no issue with em but folks may want a heads up)

Send it all to with the subject THAT PART WHERE.

The scene can be as long as you want it to be and should be one of the scenes that sets you book apart from others in the genre. (It shouldn’t be the one available in the preview on Amazon, BN or wherever.)

Also, we’ve decided not to feature samples from erotica.

Thanks for playing,


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