1. Good afternoon,

    Many thanks to you for this amazing video but you didn’t show the face of when you can’t get idea for ending a book…
    Good luck and best regards,

    Ms. Bahria Chaïbi

  2. Yup, I laugh, cry, yell, curse, and probably make a lot of not pretty faces while I write. I get into what I write, sometimes reading aloud what I’ve written and definitely acting out the dialogues to make sure it makes sense or is something someone would really say. That is why I hide out in a room by myself and work. Hubby comes in and inquires, “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” Me- “I just killed off the dog.” or “I just wrote a beautiful love scene.” He might get lucky too, if that is the case. We writers are often an odd bunch, but I just believe it is what makes us unique and our work more powerful!
    Put yourself in the work!

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