Using My Words – Consulting

Consulting? Me? Yep.

No one is more surprised than I am that folks want my opinion. Not that I don’t have a lot of opinions. Still, it surprises me.

But, if you think about it, it kind of makes sense. I’ve been in advertising and promotions for nearly 15 years and I’ve got several bestsellers out there in the new world of ebooks. That’s not a bad combination.

In fact, I’m kind of like the Wonder Twins, but, instead of forming a giant eagle and a bucket of water, my experiences bump fists to create a strong brand and unique ideas on how to promote books.

I’m always willing to help and I’ll continue to offer general, unsolicited advice. If you would like my undivided attention, however, feel free to solicit me here and during our time together I will be 100% focused on you and your work. Unless you’ve got something in your teeth. Then I’m giving you 98% and the food 2% until I figure out a way to make you aware of it without making it weird for anyone.

So what will I do? I’m going to start with several packages:

I’ll read your book and tell you what I think. It’s really as simple as that. I’m not a proofreader or an editor but I’ll give you my perspective on the story, your writing and try to help you along if you need it.
• Full manuscript read
• 1-3 pages of notes of feedback on story and writing
• A follow up call to discuss feedback – if you want to just yell at me, that’s fine too. (It’s your dime)
Cost:  $1/MS page $100 min

– I’ve have a lot of fun and success playing around on Twitter and the other social media sites and the one thing I can tell you is that most people out there are doing it wrong. It’s about engaging. Not nagging. I’ll take a look at all of your social sites and tell you how to make them work better for you.

• Evaluation of your social media platform (blogs, website, Twitter, Facebook, etc..)
• Custom strategy and “bits” you can use to increase interaction with your followers
• Free copy of Giving the Bird: The Indie Author’s Guide to Twitte
Cost: $200

There’s the standard methods of book promotion, but are they working for you? Let’s work together to create a campaign the will get your book to stand out. I’ll provide white paper concepts for your title.

• Unique promotional concepts for your book
• Ad campaign concepts
• Book launch strategy

Cost: $300

I’ve spent the last two years building my own brand and have spent almost fifteen doing it for others. Now, I want to help you.

• Strategy and advice on building yourself as a brand across all platforms
• Includes the Friend Maker evaluation

Cost: $300


– You can call me with any other questions you have. Not day or night. It’s not like you’re the Kremlin or Commissioner Gordon. We’ll schedule something.

• Your questions answered
• I will not tell you what I’m wearing

Cost: $50/hour

-Writing a book and don’t know where to start? This is the package for you. I’ll help you through the entire process.

• All of the above plus 10 hours on on the Hotline.

Cost: $1000


Contact me if you’re interested.



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