Using My Words – Focus II

Focus revisited
It’s working. One thing at a time is way more effective than trying to juggle all things at once. This is not surprising and not really an insight that many of you will find helpful. Sorry.

As I mentioned before I’ve started working on one project at a time. For example: This blog post was written along with several others and scheduled ahead of time. The day I wrote this was dedicated to blog maintenance and answering Dumb White Husband questions. I’m set for a few weeks on that.

  • I’ve even got a schedule set up now. Check it out: (click to see it larger)
  • See? All the “Write” entries say the same thing.
  • This has been tremendously helpful. Plus all the other things – Ask A DWH, 20 Questions and Using My Words are already done. I’ve just got the one thing to focus on.

I’m going to finish all of Stockwell and then change to finishing a Dumb White Husband novella. After that it’s back to the wasteland with the intention of finishing Songs of the Apocalypse in time to enjoy Christmas break.

That allows me to release a new title every month until the end of the year. Now, a lot of those were mostly written already, but still, I’m pretty pleased with my output of late.

All this has helped my productivity tremendously. Plus, I’m less bitchy which other people like.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything I want to do or feel I need to do. And when I get like that. I get even less done.

This feels much better.


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