It’s new cover day! I love new cover day though it’s a mixed bag of emotions. I’m always excited because they look awesome and then I’m terrified because I never think the story measures up to the cover. (Hint: It does) Nevertheless, it’s new cover day! Here it is:


This is the cover for the serial novel I’ve been writing all year. It will be the first title in a series of pulp parody adventures. I love it the cover. And it’s easy to see how the sequel, and all the other Bulletproof Adventure, will carry the look.

The complete novel will be sent out in my newsletter on the 30th. Sign up now.


Awesome people that made this happen:

Teren Mabry illustrated the mask

Crystal Roznik did the cover design

And my lovely wife (aka Monkey Paw Creative) helped get the smoke just the way I wanted it (I was a real pain in the ass about that).




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