Using My Words: Writing Resolutions for 2014

Here comes 2014 and once again everything in the book monkey world has changed. The latest is that traditionally published books are now being price competitively against indie books. We little independent authors no longer have the price edge. And with that, all of our advantages have been stripped away.

So, going forward into the New Year, what does that mean? How do we compete now?

It’s simple. We just have to be better than them.

All things being equal as they are now, we just have to write books that people want to read more than theirs.

My personal plan is listed below. I’d love to hear yours as well.

1. Write better

2. Have fun

That’s it.

Happy New Year,






  1. I’m in agreement with you Ben! I also agreed with your previous post, regarding the fact that authors need to learn to have fun with their process again. We become so fixated on the destination that we grow to hate the journey. And if writing is a part of who you are, growing to hate writing sucks at all levels.

    I don’t worry about traditional books or their publishers. I’m focused on getting my message out and then finding readers who are thirsty for my message. This is fun and fulfilling for me!

  2. I agree with Terr. I don’t worry about what the other guys are doing. There’s plenty of room in the sandbox for everyone to play. My goal is, and has always been, to be the best storyteller I can be, hone my craft, and have a darn good time while I’m at it. Attached to that is building a following of loyal readers.

    Here’s wishing all a great 2014!


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