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Utopias sound nice. Perfect world, harmony blah, blah, blah. But they’re kind of dull. A good old dystopia is way more exciting.

Here are the books of #DystopiaCrave. Several authors got together and are offering their books for free. Check them out and together we can give a perfect society the warm and fuzzy middle finger it deserves.

Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors

It’s the end of the world as you’ve never known it. Join the Librarian as he confronts menacing mutants, evil knights, super smart bears and more in a story that has been called Mad Max meets Monty Python.


Halfskin: the Vignettes

A synthetic stem cell called a biomite can replace any cell in your body. They are infallible. Those with 50% biomites will no longer be considered human. They will be halfskin.


Planetfall 1799

Earth 1799—No one knows the seeds of Earth’s destruction just fell from space. The Corvette Valishnu has tracked the last of the parasitic niaaH across the galactic core. Tiana is the sole survivor.



When everything is a lie, how do you know what to believe? Join Ilia, the princess, and Jez, the Giver, as they uncover the truth about their world.


The Bottle Stopper

A dark and gripping thriller set in a future dystopia. If you like stories of oppressive governments, genetic selection, mass murder, and the fight for freedom, if you look for unlikely heroes and always root for the underdog, you’ll love The Bottle Stopper.


Shadow Islands: City of Skies

Nora must defeat supernatural creatures in the forbidden areas where she must look for nine artifacts that unlocks the ShadowIslands. But why does Nora have rare abilities?


Tube Riders: Underground

Marta Banks is a Tube Rider, a girl who risks death every day in the abandoned underground stations of London. Tube Riders are a family, but when they discover a dark government secret, everything they hold dear is threatened.


Stories from the War

Enter a dark fantasy/dystopian tale with underpinnings of love, betrayal, and tumultuous relationships set in a dark future.


Generation Z: Book one: The Outbreak

A brief period in history where humans and zombies share the Earth together—to set out our differences—and ultimately where one race is destroyed. Randolph Garvey, a zombie, will be your guide through this journey.