Work In Progress: Dumb White Husband vs Zombies – Rough Draft

In these Work In Progress updates I’m going to try and share what it’s like when I write and launch a new book. I’ll try to leave out all the boring bits where it’s just me typing.

I need momentum. I’ve tried writing books several different ways but the only way that works for me is to get the story out as fast as I can. So, my first drafts are a total mess.

For this first installment I had to get the guys from the bowling alley, where they’ve been forced to “be nice” to one another by the HOA, to one of their homes in order to reveal the zombie threat. Well, make them aware of it. They’re dumb after all. That will take some doing.

Like I said before, I broke each of these stories into roughly 6 parts each so I already have good head of steam going into the first draft. I know what I want the situations to be. I know what the set up is so the first draft allows me to fill in the action and really have fun bringing it to life with dialogue. I don’t waste time on spellcheck, worrying about repeating words or even words choice. The only thing I really stress over getting right is the dialogue.

The interaction between the husbands is a big part of what I find funny about these stories and, honestly, writing dialogue is my favorite part of the whole process.

Now, to keep momentum, I just started writing notes into the draft. Instead of stopping to figure out how to show that Chris is confused, I’ll just type CHRIS WAS CONFUSED and try and write it like a grown up in the second draft.

My goal is to get 15 pages of a rough draft a day. Details are light. It’s mostly action and dialogue. Because of this my editing process is less trimming and more developing. So, I guess it’s not really editing.

I’ll get into that more next time and include some examples from the story.

Again, this probably isn’t the right way to do it. But, it’s the way I do it.

Thanks for reading,

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