Work In Progress: Dumb White Husbands vs Zombies-The Idea

In these work in progress updates I’m going to try and share what it’s like when I write and launch a new book. I’ll try to leave out all the boring bits where it’s just me typing.

Dumb White Husbands vs Zombies: The Idea

The Living Dead vs The Brain Dead

All stories start with an idea. Or a deadline. This one started with an idea.

The idea for Dumb White Husbands vs Zombies took shape as I was writing the short story Dumb White Husband vs The Grocery Store. After seeing how much trouble our hero had with a simple, everyday task I began to look ahead to what other challenges the world’s dumbest stereotype could tackle.

A host of husbandly and fatherly duties sprang to mind. These thoughts became the other 4 stories in the Dumb White Husband series. But I knew from the start that, after putting the three husbands up against Halloween, Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the HOA, they would be taking on legions of the damned.

What I didn’t see was how the DWH story would evolve over time. When I wrote the first one, I intended to only feature one husband throughout the series. But as things went on I added a couple of neighbors that each got their own story and interacted with one another. They ended up hating each other. Perfect.

Sure, it’s zombies and they’re a little everywhere right now, but I can’t resist seeing characters that can’t handle grocery shopping take on the tropes of living dead: defending their homes, cannibalism, people they know turned into walking corpses, travel in a zombie world and how the world around them reacts. It also gives me a chance to bring some action and adventure in to the Dumb White Husband series.

But then I had another idea. I wanted to the give the story an episodic feel. So I decided to break it into 5 parts. The DWH began with a short story so it seemed only natural that the zombie story should be told the same way. It will include four short stories that are going to be about 15000 words each and a longer work to finish it off.

All in all, it will probably be the longest book I’ll have written to date.

That meant a pretty extensive outline. Which I’ll get into next time.

Thanks for reading,

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