Work In Progress: Dumb White Husbands vs Zombies – What is the Story

In these Work In Progress updates I’m going to try and share what it’s like when I write and launch a new book. I’ll try to leave out all the boring bits where it’s just me typing.

Last week I mentioned how the idea for Dumb White Husbands vs Zombies came about. But an idea doesn’t fill a book and it’s certainly not a story. Suburban guys, that hate each other, face off against zombies is a situation and nothing more. It needs more.

Now this is how I fill out a story, so there’s a really good chance that it isn’t the right way.

I have a hard time taking anything seriously so I tend to think in jokes. Jokes aren’t the story either, but they’re are an important part of writing a book that is trying to make people laugh.

So, like I said, this probably isn’t right, but the jokes, and the associated scenarios, become scenes that roughly lay out the flow of the story. They build the framework of the story. But they aren’t the story because the jokes can’t just be “see that? All zombie stories have? That’s funny that they all have that right?” That’s been covered and can all be summed up in a Top 10 blog post.

It needs to be more than that and that’s where the husbands come in. It’s also and where it begins to sound like I’m actually plotting a story. The husband’s principles, their beliefs and their desires drive the story, their actions move the plot forward and let me get to my jokes. Yay.

All husbands have families. So, what’s happened to them? The drive to find their loved ones is as important as surviving. Each husband will most likely have a different opinion on how to attain that goal. Okay, I can guarantee that these husbands will have different opinions on almost everything. So there’s the conflict my English teachers always talked about.

They all have a goal. There is conflict amongst the group and then there are the zombies. Suddenly it’s much richer story than zombie tropes are funny.

From there I outline. My outlines are simple. Each episode of this series will have roughly 6 chapters. I write down what needs to happen in each scene to move the story forward and what jokes I intend on telling. It serves as a checklist mostly.

Then I start writing the rough draft. That’s where I really start to have fun. I’ll talk about that next week.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Husbands and zombies? I love it…..and no jokes aren’t the entire story, but your jokes certainly make the story that much more enjoyable! I love how jokes are a main point for you, can’t wait to read how husbands handle actual zombies!!

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