I’m working on the new Bulletproof Adventures of Damian Stockwell and having a blast. I’ve always enjoyed writing the world’s greatest adventurer and his loyal valet, Bertrand. This time they’re going up against The Mechanical Menace. The cover hints at what that menace might be. 


TBAODS_Cover_Mechanical Menace_cover

It’s robots. The menace is robots.

I’ve been sitting on this awesome cover art for a while now because I had to. But, now … Just look at this greatness! The illustration is by Jonathan Burks. If your looking for great cover art you should contact him at jburksdesigns@gmail.com.

I’m working hard to make The Mechanical Menace worthy of the artwork. In the meantime you should check out Stockwell’s other adventures: Horror in Honduras and Terrors of Tesla.


KnightsoftheApocalypse_cvrKnight of the Apocalypse is now available at Amazon.

This is the sequel you’ve been waiting for. Really, I’ve got the emails to prove it. Some of them are really strongly worded.

Get it now. Read it soon.