I took a wrong turn the other day and ended up on the Boxcar Willie Memorial Overpass. It wasn’t a particularly fancy overpass, which I guess is fitting. And there wasn’t much to see. Just cars passing under the overpass and a surprising lack of trains. And there wasn’t any fanfare leading up to it either. Had it not been for your standard highway sign, I wouldn’t have known I was part of any memorializing at all. About the only thing that surprised me was that it was there at all. It’s not far from home and I guess I’d forgotten Willie was from these parts. Makes sense now that the dive bar in Ovilla is called the Boxcar. Also, it’s made from a boxcar. Or part of it is. Or was. I’m not sure. The guy telling me the story was pretty drunk. 

The point is, it isn’t the worst wrong turn I’ve ever taken. One time I took a wrong turn in Ottawa and ended up in Quebec. The sign said ARRÊT, I said SHIT and pulled an illegal u-turn on the bridge.

But not on the Boxcar Willie Memorial Overpass. I drove right over that one.

Here it is. In all it’s glory.


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