Duck & Cover Anniversary Covers

Duck & Cover Anniversary Covers

I first published Post-Apocalyptic Nomadic Warriors 10 years ago this month. To celebrate, we’re giving the whole Duck & Cover series a new look. Check out the new...
News From the Apocalypse

News From the Apocalypse

Last Band of the Apocalypse is now available. Follow the adventures of a tribute band caught between gigs during the end of the world as they choose a new direction for the band. Get it here.         Knights of the Apocalypse is coming soon. A...


I spent a lot of years in the advertising industry. In that time I’ve tried to convince you to order weird new kinds of pizza, drink more soda, drink more beer and booze (like you needed the encouragement) eat more chips and pick up a Slurpee. I’ve written radio for...

Market Like a Punk – Revisited

I wrote this post early last year or late 2010. I can’t really remember. I’m re-posting it here now because I need it as a reminder. It’s too easy to get caught up in the numbers day by day and start to get discouraged. I’ve slipped on a few of...


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