Help me help you help others

Good afternoon. I need your help. I’m trying to exercise my generous nature by offering the very first Dumb White Husband shorts story for free forever. But, I can’t do it alone. The only way to get Amazon to give my story away is if they see that...

Here’s the Deal

I’m starting to play around on Facebook a lot more and I can never get enough attention. So, if you like my Facebook page I’ll give you a free copy of Dumb White Husband’s vs Zombies: Monday for your Kindle or Kindle app. Just like my page here and...

Using My Words – Book Launch

I don’t know what I’m doing. I think I’ve made that very clear. But here I go again, launching a new title out into the world. I don’t have this figured out just yet, but I’ll share what I do know about launching a book on Kindle and how I’m going about it for the new...
What If a Five Minute Hate Went Two Hours Long?

What If a Five Minute Hate Went Two Hours Long?

Many of you have seen my past #5minh8 rants on Twitter. This is where I rant for roughly five minutes about the the important things in life like: – People that take half a donut at work – The gas station putting the wrong flavor of coffee in the urn...


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